Open A Bold Space


Unlock the value of your vacant space



Flexible space amentity
to attract and retain large tenants

Create footfall
from a new consumer segment
Increase income
with an uplift on traditional lease


Bold is a Space-as-a-Service platform that combines hardware, software, and mobile technology with bold interior design to unlock the value of vacant and under-monentised space assets – marketing our network of Bold spaces to existing building tenants as well as business people across the UK without office space through our mobile and web apps – while unlocking a lucrative revenue stream for landlords, developers and businesses with excess space.





Unlock profits from under-monetised spaces 

Automated Operations
Secure lock technology and mobile access control reduce labour costs.

Effective Marketing
Bold is building a network of tens of thousands of businesses and professionals who will make frequent use of Bold's on-demand spaces.

Intelligent Pricing
Premium rates dynamically based on demand create better monetisation yields.

Data and Reporting
Data on customer behaviour to drive footfall and boost bookings.




We partner with space owners to open Bold spaces in their buildings which provide attractive amenities for current and future tenants while generating higher PSF rates from Bold member bookings. The ideal footprint is 3,000 - 5,000 SqFt, and can be transformed into fully-automated, profit-making Bold spaces in no time.


Unlock Value In: Benefits:
Long-term voids; underperforming assets Tenant amenity
Spaces under 5,000sqft competing with flexible space operators Create footfall
Existing Meeting Rooms Increase monetisation
Redevelopment sites Automated revenue
Excess tenant capacity Fully managed


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